Don’t just expense it, Emburse it!

It’s no longer good enough to give your team outdated, complex software solutions just because that’s the way it’s always been. It’s time to empower your team with modern spend management solutions.

“It’s OK – I’ll expense it,” used to be a mantra of business travelers around the world when picking up the tab. The drawbacks of being away on a trip were somewhat mitigated by the ability to charge everything back to the company. 

That was fine until time came to, well, expense it. That meant digging out receipts and maybe the accompanying credit card slips, filling in the spreadsheet, mailing it off, and then sending it to your finance department. After a few weeks of radio silence, you’d get a check from the company. 

Things have generally gotten better since then. The spreadsheet has mainly been replaced by a software program, and instead of mailing hard copies, you can take pictures of receipts and then upload them to start the reimbursement cycle. It’s often still pretty painful though. Clunky software that still needs far too much manual input, and an inefficient approval process that can delay reimbursement.

Watch: How do you Emburse it? Make your expense process even easier.

It should be easier than this. And it is. Instead of just expensing it, you can empower your employees to Emburse it. Provide them with the Emburse Spend policy-backed corporate card which automatically integrates with the expense solution so they can simply make a purchase, be prompted to capture a receipt image, and Emburse it. Everything else is done automatically on the back end, and in real time. No more creating expense reports. No more verifying if spend is in policy. No more manual entry into the payroll or accounting system. 

The same applies to invoices. The days of having to send hard copy or emailed invoices through the approval chain are in the past. Check runs need to be consigned to the history books. Juggling invoices to see which needs to be approved fastest isn’t just inefficient, it also misses huge opportunities for discounts and rebates.

Watch: Learn how you can make accounts payable straightforward when you Emburse it.

Emburse is the modern way to optimize spend. We empower businesses with trusted expense management, AP automation, corporate card and payment solutions so they can focus on what matters most. If you process expenses, invoices and/or payments, or use purchase card, you can now simply Emburse it and get everything done in a more intuitive, user friendly, and productive manner.

If instead of time-consuming, manual processes, you simply Emburse it, it’ll not only make your employees happier, but also deliver huge time and productivity efficiencies, better insights for more informed decision- making, and very tangible financial value for your organization.  Now more than ever, it’s time to Emburse it!

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