About Me

Grant Johnson

CMO, Coach, Advisor

About ME

Grant is a CMO with a proven track record of more than doubling revenues and scaling businesses, building high-performance teams and transforming global companies, from early stage to multi-billion dollar enterprises, including: Emburse, Cylance, Kofax, Pegasystems, FileNet and Symantec. As a key member of executive teams, he has helped drive growth, acquisitions and integration, fostering liquidity events valued at more than $10 billion.

Grant provides both CMO coaching and board advisory work to help companies scale successfully. Grant has mentored more than a dozen CMOs. Key facts about Grant:

  • Four-time CMO with more than 14 years in the CMO trenches 
  • Proven methodology for maximizing impact in the first 100 days 
  • Multiple public company, Section 16 officer & board experiences 
  • Deep experience working with both VC and PE-backed owners
  • Expertise in M&A, Integration and Change Management
  • Unique approach driving cross-functional and company-wide alignment and key objective achievement


CMO Alliance Summit
September 8, 2022
San Francisco CA